January 28, 2020

New index to check ease of doing-agri-business

Why in the discussion?

The central government wants to introduce a new index for facilitating agri-business in the beginning of next year. This index will provide the states with rank on the basis of their investment in agriculture, increase in productivity, reductions in input costs and risk management measures as well as other improvements.

key points

  • On the basis of their performance in the promotion of agro-trade, the States, especially on the basis of their performance in the marketing, land and governance reforms, may start getting additional funds for the major schemes of the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • The recent concept note issued for the index said that the Ministry of Agriculture can consider rewarding high executed states [in both full and incremental conditions] by adding performance with allocation from Flexi funds available in various major schemes.
  • The Policy Commission already issues an Agricultural Marketing and Farmer-Friendly Correction Index, which provides ratings to states on the implementation of these reforms. In the initial edition of that index in the year 2016, Maharashtra remained first in the ranking, followed by Gujarat.
  • The expansion of this proposed index is very broad, but the main focus is still on the reforms. Marketing reform (25%) and governance and land reform (20%) account for almost half of the weight of the parameters of this index evaluation system.

Soil Health Card

  • Under other parameters, the states will be evaluated on the basis of the success achieved by the states in reducing the cost of agricultural inputs (20% weight) by encouraging the distribution of soil health cards and encouraging organic farming and micro irrigation.
  • Weight loss measures such as crop and livestock insurance will be 15%, whereas in agriculture, increase in productivity and investment in agriculture will be 10-10% of the weighted weight of these two.

Process oriented parameters

  • According to the concept note, these criteria are process oriented, and when new improvements or initiatives are proposed, they develop.
  • Because agriculture is a state subject, the success of the policies and reform initiatives proposed by the Center depends on the implementation by the states.
  • According to this note, to ensure that the government’s reform agenda has been implemented by all the state governments at the desired speed, there is a need to develop a competitive spirit among the states.
  • The Committee formed to recommend strategies to double the income of farmers by 2022 had also suggested that the states should be ranked on the basis of their reforms and governance records.
  • This concept note is available for public and stakeholders’ feedback till November 15, after which the implementation guidelines will be prepared by the end of the month.
  • According to the timetable of concept note, an online dashboard will be developed by the end of the year to monitor the performance of the state and a national level workshop will be organized in January 2019 to issue the index.

preliminary examination

Prelims Facts: November 14, 2018

IONS L0 anniversary of ( L0 Th Anniversary Of IONS)

The ceremony started on November 13, 2018, 10th anniversary of the Indian Ocean Naval Symposium-IONS at the Lulu International Conference Center, Kochi, by the Naval Chief.
  • IONS is an extremely important regional maritime security initiative launched by India in February 2008, which initiates an increase in information flow among naval professionals.
  • ‘Special cover’ was released on this occasion.
  • The special cover of the 10th anniversary celebration of IONS is a map of the coastal Indian Ocean and Indian Ocean region, which reflects the geographical political importance of the region. There is a portrayal of a boat that shows the importance of ancient trade routes used by neighboring neighbors and socio-cultural contacts in the region.
  • Member countries are an integral part of national flag cover and it supports maritime safety, harmony and interests similar to development in the area.
  • Senior representatives from Bangladesh, Iran, Japan, Madagascar, Maldives, Mauritius, Mozambique, Netherlands, South Africa and United Arab Emirates Navy and 16 other IONS member countries are participating in the IONS anniversary celebrations.

Sea power

The first bilateral naval exercise ‘ Sea power’ was launched between India and Indonesia on November 12, 2018 This exercise will last till 18 November.
  • This exercise is being organized in Java Sagar.
  • INS Rana , the warship ‘Indian Navy  is participating in this exercise.
  • The purpose of this shared exercise between India and Indonesia is to promote mutual relations between the two countries, strengthen maritime cooperation and adopt the best practices of each other.
  • After the Indo-Indo Corpat started in the year 2002 between India and Indonesia, this bilateral naval exercise is an important step in relation between the two countries’ naval operations.
  • This shared practice will start a new round of naval cooperation between India and Indonesia.


In order to deal with insurgency under the auspices of the United Nations, joint military practice between India and Russia will be started on November 18, 2018 in the Babina Field Firing Range, located in Babina Cantonment (Jhansi).
  • In this exercise, the fifth battalion of the Russian Federation and India’s Infantry Battalion will participate. This practice will last for 11 days.
  • Military practice is to increase the capacity of the two countries by the United Nations under the auspices so that cooperation in the field of peacekeeping and joint strategies increases.
  • The subject of military exercises is important contemporary military and security issues for the two countries.


Uttar Pradesh cabinet has approved the proposal to rename the district of Faizabad.
  • Faizabad district will now be known as Ayodhya
  • Along with the district, the name of the entire Faizabad division has been changed to Ayodhya. Ayodhya Mandal includes Ayodhya, Ambedkar Nagar, Barabanki, Sultanpur and Amethi districts.

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