January 28, 2020

Nandankanan Zoological Park

The Central Zoo Authority has opposed the move to move the tigers caught from the Satkosia Tiger Reserve in Odisha to Nandankanan Zoological Park.
  • According to the National Zoo Policy, 1998, no zoos will select animals from the jungle, except for the acquisition of animals for approved breeding program and new blood transfusion in ingrid groups.

Nandankanan Zoological Park

  • Nandankanan, which literally means Garden of Heaven, is situated near Bhubaneswar of Odisha.
  • Unlike other zoos in the country, Nandankanan has been established inside the forest. It is a zoological park established in a completely natural environment.
  • This is one of the six major zoos selected for the preserved breeding of white-backed vulture.

Characteristics of this park

  • World’s first zoo breeding white tiger and melanistic tiger
  • White Tiger Bengal is a rare form of tiger in which there is a unique residual gene that gives it white color. White tigers are not a subspecific species of tigers. Two Bengal Tiger, which consists of a residual genes (the genes which affect the color of their skin), is formed by the interconnected white tiger.
  • The melanistic tiger is black striped, it gets its color from its genetic causes. Due to the development of melanin pigment in the body, black streaks are formed on their body. Melanistic tiger is rare species.
  • The only protected breeding center of Indian Pangolin in the world.
  • It is India’s only zoological park which has become an institutional member of WAZA (World Association of Zoos and Aquarium – WAZA).
  • In the year 1980, for the first time in the world, kandhals were preserved in Nandankanan Zoological Park.
  • This is India’s first zoo, where preserved breeding of endangered rattles occurred.

Central Zoo Authority ( Central Zoo Authority)

  • Central Zoo Authority is a statutory body whose main objective is to implement minimum standards and norms for the maintenance and health care of animals in India.
  • The zoos are regulated as per the provisions of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 and are directed by the National Zoo Policy, 1992. Wildlife conservation was revised in 1991 to establish Central Zoo Authority.


Vice President visits three African countries

Why in the discussion?

Recently, Vice President of India by 31 to October 5 Nvanbr, 20l8 to three African countries Botswana, respectively, of an official visit to the Republic of Zimbabwe and Malawi Republic.

key points

  • The official visit of the three countries includes a meeting with the President, bilateral talks with his counterpart , delegation-level talks , meeting with the President of the Parliament and negotiations with business representatives and the Indian community.
  • It is noteworthy that a high level delegation was also accompanied by the Vice President, in which Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment Shri Krishan Pal Gurjar , two MPs Mr. K. Suresh and Shri V. Muralidharan and other senior officials were involved.
Botswana Tour
  • The Vice President addressed the Indian community in Botswana.
  • In Botswana Vice President inaugurated the prestigious annual Global Expo -2018 with its counterpart , in which 28 companies from India participated.
  • Botswana announced its decision to join the International Solar Coalition
  • Botswana appreciated India’s support especially in capacity building under the ITeC.
  • In the past four years, Botswana has used more than 600 slots under ITec, IAFS and ICCR.
  • Both sides agreed to pursue trade and economic engagement and diversify.
  • Our bilateral trade with Botswana has registered an impressive growth of 26% last year, which has taken it to 1.75 billion US dollars.
  • Both sides also agreed to increase cooperation in areas such as copper mining etc.
  • After the delegation level talks, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the two Governments to grant exemption from visa for diplomatic passport holders.

Zimbabwe Tour

  • Vice President held a delegation level meeting with Zimbabwe’s own counterpart Kimbo Mohadi. There was talk of strengthening mutual relations between the two leaders. After this, six agreements were signed between the two countries, including mining, broadcasting , ICT and traditional medicine.
  • It is notable that Naidu is the first high level authority of the Indian Government to travel to Zimbabwe in 21 years. Earlier, Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda had visited Zimbabwe in the year 1996 .
S.No. Name of MoU / Agreement / Action Plan Signature of Indian side Zimbabwe’s signatory
1. Memorandum of understanding regarding cooperationbetween the Republic of India and the Republic of Zimbabwe in the field ofArts, Culture and Heritage T. S. Thirumuthurthy Secretary (East Zone), 
Ministry of External Affairs
Kirsty Coventry
Minister of Youth,Sports, Arts and Entertainment
2. Memorandum of understanding between Republic of India and Republic of Zimbabwe on cooperation in the field of traditional systems of medicine and homeopathy T. S. Tirumurthi,
(East Zone), 
Ministry of External Affairs
Obadiah Mooo
Health and Child Care Minister
3. Memorandum of Understanding on Broadcasting and Cooperation between Prasar Bharti, India and Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation, Zimbabwe T. S. Thirumuthurthy 
(East Zone), 
Ministry of External Affairs
Patrick Mavhara 
Chief Executive Officer, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation
4. Memorandum of understanding regarding cooperation in the field of geography, mining and mineral resources between the Republic of India and the Republic of Zimbabwe T. S. Thirumuthurthy 
(East Zone), 
Ministry of External Affairs
Winston Chettando
Mine and Minister for Mining Development
5. Agreement on mutual exemption of visa requirements for diplomatic passport holders between the Republic of India and the Republic of Zimbabwe T. S. Thirumuthurthy 
(East Zone), 
Ministry of External Affairs
Can Gainesche Mathem
Home and Cultural Heritage Minister
6. Work Plan on Information and Communication Technology between Information and Communication Technology and Courier Services Ministry of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of Republic of India and Ministry of Information Technology of the Republic of Zimbabwe T. S. Thirumuthurthy 
(East Zone), 
Ministry of External Affairs
Can Gainesche Matheme 
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Home and Cultural Heritage Minister

Travel to Malawi

  • Vice President of Malawi President Prof. Arthur Peter Muratorika met at the State House and discussed the issue of mutual interest and cooperation.
  • These leaders recalled friendly and cordial relations between the two countries and decided to take it further.
  • Vice Presidential celebration of Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary in MalawiThe ‘ India for humanity ‘ was inaugurated.
  • It may be recalled that India was known in all parts of the world Jaipur Foot ‘ is organizing the camps , so as to help the needy.
  • India has been initiating initiatives like ‘ for humanity ‘ in association with Lord Mahavir Handicapped Society Vice President launched ‘ Jaipur Foot Camp ‘ first in Malawi under this series in Malawi .

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