January 28, 2020

India is preparing to leave 8 highly endangered vultures (India to Release 8 Critically Endangered Vultures)

Why in the discussion?

India, white backed vulture, which is in a highly endangered category, will release 8 cherished captive guards with tracking device. With the help of these devices, the causes of the death of Gidda will be known and due to that, the deaths of other Gidhs can be prevented.

Important facts

  • These vultures were planted in the Jatayu conservation breeding center and they will be left in Bir Shikha Sanctuary, where the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) is working towards declaring it ‘Vulture Safe Zone’.
  • This satellite tag will also show that these birds are treating normally from the other nearby species in the wild or not?
  • If death has not been recorded due to the poisoning of these 8 birds in 2 years then 20-25 birds will be left in the wild every year.
  • In South Asia, for the first time in November 2017, the Government of Nepal and the National and International Conservation Organization left the white-backed white Giddhs in the desert with a highly distressed category.

Other related facts

  • Jatayu Conservation Breeding Center, Bir Chikshak Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on the border.
  • This is a joint project of Haryana and Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS), which was established in 2001.
  • It was formed in India to investigate the severe degradation of the 3 severely endangered ‘Gips species’ .
  • 9 species of Vultures reside in India. Out of this, there has been a terrible decline in the population of 3 species such as The White Backed, Log Build and Slender Build Vultures which was more than 90% in the mid-1990s.
  • This bird has now been included in the critically endangered category.
  • In South Asia, the main reason for the extinction of these giddies is the ‘Diclopenoch’ painkiller drug used in the treatment of cattle When the vultures eat the dead body of the cattle treated with Diclofenoc, their kidneys stop functioning.
  • The Government of India has banned its therapeutic use since 2006.

Why in the discussion?

The two-day global Cooling Innovation Summit will be organized in New Delhi on November 12, 2018.

Important point

  • This summit is the first of its sort of solution focused, in which experts from all around the world will be united and looking for concrete steps to deal with the huge loss to the climate due to the rising demand of room air conditioners.
  • This conference will be jointly organized by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, with the support of Rocky Mountain Institute, Alliance for the Energy Efficiency Economy (AEEE), Conservation X Labs and CEPT University.
  • During this summit, the ‘Global Cooling Award’ will be launched, which is a challenge related to mission innovation and aims to accelerate the development of residential cooling (cooling) solutions, which is the minimum of the current standard solution on the climate The fifth part will be affected.
  • Global Cold Rolling Awards and Innovation Summit will be attended by prominent speakers from around the world, including explorers, philanthropists, venture capitalists and other industrialists.

Global Cooling Award

  • The ‘Global Cooling Award’ is a competition with global reach and participation, which aims to develop such a cooling technology, which will require very little energy to be operational, in which the refrigerant will be used and the ozone depletion And this will also reduce the impact of global warming. Not only this, the equipment will also be economical in case of large-scale construction.
  • To invite remarkable ideas from around the world for this award program, the attention of the whole world will be drawn to this.
  • Those awardees will be congratulated by presenting this innovative product and they will also be given necessary encouragement and support.
  • This award will also be able to create a collaborative platform which will be able to use the capabilities of researchers so that public research can contribute significantly in promoting innovation and it has a positive impact on social and economic terms.
  • Through this award, not only will those who make significant contributions to clean energy related research and development will be congratulated, but it will also motivate young researchers to develop innovative products in the field of clean energy so that clean environment or climate From the point of view, this world can be better.

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